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All lessons include


Matching every student with an experienced and professional tutor is the first step we take towards helping students reach their academic goals. Providing homework to promote learning on their own.

exam preparation

Examination Preparation sessions gives the students the confidence to take on any exam that lies ahead of them. Touching up any grey areas that the students struggle with. This session will also give tips and tricks on how to deal with stress during the preparation phase as well as the stress during the exam.

constant monitoring

Constant monitoring enables the parents to track the work progress of the student and tutors as they work through each session.The students and tutors work ethic and performance will all be closely monitored and then reported back to the parents via email.


You and the tutor will be in constant communication to ensure that the your child is getting what they need!

learning styles

At Team Tutor we go above and beyond, we identify and help your child discover their unique learning style. We ensure that your child will know how to study in their own way.

vetted Tutors

We only work with the absolute best. That means: professional, experienced and trustworthy with a proven track record for success. 

Monthly Feedback

We provide comprehensive comments about the lessons had during the month to ensure you know exactly what your child is doing

Regular Spot tests

Team Tutor will provide small spot tests at random to test the students understanding. These results will be added to the regular feedback at the month end for parents to see.

100% Customer Satisfaction

We will always provide 100% of our efforts to you and your child's needs. 

*Lessons are scheduled in advance and is equivalent to one (1) hours' worth of time. 

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