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* Minimum number of students required is two and maximum is four. 

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Pricing varies depending on the size of the group, so lets get started and go beyond education.

Private Packages offers a personalized interactive learning experience like non-other.  

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Type of Package

* Minimum number of sessions required

(Descriptions for each services is listed below and explained in detail)

**available extras** 

If the package selected does not have a specific service required by you, please read each description below and let us know if you would like to add any additional services.


A one on one private tutoring session at the location that suits the student, with the help of professional tutors that have been through careful selection and training. The tutors strive to bring the best out of every student in every session by providing teaching and studying methods that is fitting to the student.

Exam Preparation 

Examination Preparation sessions gives the students the confidence to take on any exam that lies ahead of them. Touching up any grey areas that the students struggle with. This session will also give tips and tricks on how to deal with stress during the preparation phase as well as the stress during the exam.

Nbt Preparation (national bench mark test) 

**Essential for university registration**

The National Bench Mark Test (NBT) is essential when applying for any university in South Africa. The NBTs were designed to measure a writer’s ability to transfer understanding of Academic Literacy, Quantitative Literacy and Mathematics to the demands of tertiary coursework. The National Benchmark Tests comprise of three multiple choice tests, written as a combined Academic Literacy and Quantitative Literacy (AQL) test, and a separate Mathematics test. The NBT preparation session will prepare the students for the NBT in all three sections granting the student confidence to do well in such exam.


With the assistance of additional study material the student can see the syllabus in a whole new prospective, leading to easier and more effective ways of learning and applications.

Constant monitoring

Constant monitoring enables the parents to track the work progress of the student and tutors as they work through each session.The students and tutors work ethic and performance will all be closely monitored and then reported back to the parents via email.

After hours support

Having after hours support allows the students to still receive help from their professional tutors even after lesson times. The students will have access to academic support from anywhere and anytime. It allows the student to solve their problems in a timely manner.