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      At TEAM TUTOR, we're confident in              our ability to help you unlock your full            academic potential. Our personalised           private tutoring approach has a proven       track record of success, helping countless   students achieve their goals and improve their marks.

Boost Marks, Build Confidence

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Enrolling your child with Team Tutor is a surefire way to boost their academic performance. Our expert tutors provide personalised attention and customised lesson plans that cater to your child's unique learning needs. With our proven track record, you can be confident that your child will achieve better marks year on year and excel in their studies.

Online or In-home we do it all.

Experience the flexibility of learning with our two types of tutoring services. Choose from Interactive Online Tutoring for accessible learning anywhere, anytime, or opt for our In-Home Tutoring for personalised instruction in the comfort of your home. Whichever you choose, expect high-quality education tailored to your needs.

Interactive Online 

Experience the power of Online Interactive Tutoring. Our personalised, real-time lessons cater to individual learning needs, fostering a deeper understanding of subjects. Proven to enhance academic performance, it’s learning made effective and convenient


Experience personalised In-Home Tutoring. Immediate feedback, tailored lessons, and improved academic performance in your own home.

Expert tutors ready to help! Book now and achieve your potential.

Which syllabi can we tutor?

Team Tutor specialises in a wide range of syllabi to cater to diverse learning needs. We cover local South African syllabi such as the CAPS (Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements) for public schools and IEB (Independent Examinations Board) for private schools. Our tutors are well-versed in these syllabi and are committed to helping students excel in their academic journey.

Spark Thinking

Team Tutor ignites ‘Spark Thinking’ in students. We foster an environment that encourages curiosity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Our approach helps students not just learn, but understand and apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios. Experience the transformative power of ‘Spark Thinking’ with Team Tutor.

Ask Questions

Our tutors are dedicated to creating an open environment where students feel comfortable asking questions, fostering a deeper understanding of subjects. Experience the power of ‘Ask Questions’ with Team Tutor and unlock your academic potential.


Our one-on-one tutoring sessions ensure that each student receives the individual attention they need to thrive. By focusing on each student’s unique learning needs, we can tailor our teaching methods to maximize understanding and retention. Experience the difference that ‘Attention’ can make in your learning journey with Team Tutor.


We foster an open dialogue between tutors and students, encouraging students to express their thoughts, ask questions, and discuss their ideas. This two-way communication enhances understanding, builds confidence, and develops critical thinking skills. Discover the power of ‘Communication’ in learning with Team Tutor.

Choose your Plan

Explore our range of affordable tutoring packages designed to fit your learning needs and budget. Each package offers a set number of tutoring hours per month, along with additional features like lesson feedback and homework assistance. Choose from our Academic Starter, Scholar Boost, or Master Learner packages, each offering a different level of support to match your academic goals. Invest in your education with Team Tutor and experience the difference personalised tutoring can make.

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Meet our dedicated team at Team Tutor, led by co-founders who are engineers by profession. They understand the importance of personalized education from their own experiences. Our professional tutors, selected through a rigorous process, are committed to fostering academic success. With diverse expertise, they provide personalized learning experiences across various subjects. Together, we strive to make learning engaging and effective, empowering students to reach their full potential.

We believe in creating success stories for all. For instance, consider a student who was struggling with Physics. After a few months of our personalized tutoring, the student not only improved their grades but also started to enjoy the subject. This is the transformative power of personalized education that we strive to provide.

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